snoopy_dancingEver get unexpected news that makes you want to dance like happy Snoopy? I did. I recently learned that a trilogy I wrote a few years ago is being re-packaged into a three-in-one volume that will be entitled, BRIDES OF GEORGIA.

The three stories—Heart of Honor, Harvest of Hope, and Harbinger of Healing are set in the mountains of north Georgia and span four decades.

Heart of Honor is set in 1838 at the time of the Trail of Tears, and spotlights Abigail Locke, the daughter of an army colonel, and Nathaniel Danfield, a lieutenant who was wrongly accused and convicted of insubordination. Nathaniel is hired as a guide to escort Abigail and her companion to Raleigh, but Abigail doesn’t want to go.

Harvest of Hope is set in1860, just before outbreak of the War Between The States, and features Auralie Covington, the privileged daughter of a plantation owner, and Colton Danfield (son of the couple from Heart of Honor). Colton has a small farm and raises sheep. His friend, Barnabas, a freed slave, works for him. When Auralie receives word that the man her father has chosen for her to marry will be arriving soon, she begs for permission to visit her cousin where she meets a handsome neighbor—Colton.

Harbinger of Healing takes place in 1870, six years into Reconstruction. Dale Covington (brother of the heroine in Harvest of Hope) is trying to put his life back together after the war, but there is little left to put back. Nothing of his former life remains—his home, his family, his community. The war has even taken its toll on his body and his spirit. Charity Galbraith is a reporter for a Northern magazine, writing a series of articles on the Reconstruction from the Southern perspective. But Charity has wounds of her own left from the war.

Brides of GAAnother fun tidbit is that I was actually IN that house pictured on the front cover. It’s the restored historical home of Reverend Samuel Worchester, missionary to the Cherokees of north Georgia, and it is located at the New Echota Historical Site near Calhoun, Georgia. I visited New Echota while I was conducting research for Heart of Honor, and I toured that house!

BRIDES OF GEORGIA will release December 1st, but it’s available for pre-order now at Christianbook.com.



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