As excited as I am when a new book releases, I am every bit as excited when my publisher releases some of my previous books as a three-in-one repack.

Okay, I’m just a little over-the-moon giddy!

Rails To LoveNew:
In October, the RAILS TO LOVE Romance Collection will hit store shelves. All nine stories in this collection are historical and railroad-themed. My story, MY SOUL WAITS, was tons of fun to write. I created a heroine who grew up on a Wyoming ranch, and she balks when her father wants to send her east to spend time with her aunt and uncle and hoity-toity cousins, in the hopes that she will become a lady. She manages she get herself stranded mid-journey. Enter: the hero–a young man working for the railroad incognito, who is duty-bound to keep a secret.
It was such a privilege to be invited to participate in this collection with these wonderful authors: Amanda Cabot, Kim Vogel Sawyer, Diana Brandmeyer, Lisa Carter, Ramona Cecil, Lynn Coleman, Susie Dietze, and Liz Tolsma.

Brides of GAOld (well, sort of):
Turn a couple of calendar pages. In December, BRIDES OF GEORGIA releases. I’m so excited about this book! This is a three-in-one repack of my three Heartsong Presents novels that are set in the north Georgia mountains. The first story, HEART OF HONOR, is set in 1838 around the time of the Trail of Tears. The second story, HARVEST OF HOPE, is set in 1860, just before the outbreak of the War Between the States, and features the son of the hero and heroine from the first book. Story number three is HARBINGER OF HEALING, and is set in 1870, six years into Reconstruction. The hero in Harbinger of Healing is the brother of the heroine in Harvest of Hope, and has undergone a transformation as a result of the war.

I love these stories! They are rich in history, and feature my favorite place in the whole world–the mountains of north Georgia. But they are also threaded with life lessons God has taught me through past circumstances. Sometimes we wonder why God allows painful things to come into our lives, or we think perhaps He has forgotten us in the midst of our tears. But God never wastes a circumstance or a tear. If we attune our hearts to His voice, we will hear and understand what He is teaching us. Whether He wants us to learn a deeper level of trust or to have a more compassionate heart, those life lessons can and should only draw us closer to Him. It has been my privilege to use those bits of wisdom God has taught me, and give them to my fictional characters. The three stories in BRIDES OF GEORGIA are permeated with the things God whispered in my heart during an excruciating time in my life and the resulting grief. His faithfulness and grace, His comfort and peace carried me through that time. Those are the God-traits I tried to portray in these stories.

So watch the store shelves in October for RAILS TO LOVE, and in December for BRIDES OF GEORGIA. Pieces of my heart are hidden in the pages.



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