Brides of IowaBRIDES OF IOWA


A compilation of three novels in one volume—Leave Me Never, Revealing Fire, and Scars of Mercy are all set in the fictitious town of Willow Creek, Iowa.

Leave Me Never – Does God keep His promises? Tessa isn’t too sure. Mama always told her God would never leave her, but here she is, stuck in Willow Creek with no money, no food, no home, no future. Maybe Papa was right and she is unworthy of God’s care. But when she encounters Gideon, she is challenged to believe.

Revealing Fire – Pearl Dunnigan is in her “September years,” having married her childhood sweetheart years ago. Now widowed, she operates the only boardinghouse in Willow Creek, and is content with her life…until Hubert dares to convince her to dream again. But their dreams will turn to ashes if Hubert’s estranged son has anything to say about it.

Scars of Mercy – Everett goes to great lengths to hide the scars he sustained in a fire. His friendship with Tillie eases his loneliness, but he is convinced she only pities him. Tillie sees Everett’s scars as noble since he put his own life in danger to save others. How can she convince Everett his scars represent something beautiful to her?

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