Brides of GA


A compilation of three novels in one volume—Heart of Honor, Harvest of Hope, and Harbinger of Healing are all set in the mountains of north Georgia, and span four decades.

Heart of Honor – 1838, Abigail Locke resents her father’s insistence that she travel to Raleigh, but she has no choice. When she learns Nathaniel Danfield, a dishonorably discharged soldier, will be the guide for the trip, she is even more distressed. Nathaniel knows, with the stigma of a tarnished name, the journey ahead will be rocky, but he is determined to show Miss Locke the kind of man he truly is.

Harvest of Hope – Auralie has been promised to a man she barely knows for the purpose of enhancing her father’s political connections. Colton Danfield works the land and raises sheep. Amid rumors of secession, Colton’s faith is tried. Even though their attraction is mutual, Auralie knows she and Colton come from two different worlds.

Harbinger of Healing – Charity Galbraith is on assignment for Keystone Magazine to write a series of articles on the Reconstruction from a Southern perspective. But she is also searching for truth about her father who never returned from the war. Her questions dredge up bitterness, not only from the Southerners she encounters, but also in her own heart. Dale Covington lost everything in the war—his home, his health, his way of life. Charity’s presence only reminds him of his physical and emotional wounds. Forgiveness is the only balm that will heal the lingering infection.

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