Connie Stevens Author
God never wastes a circumstance, and He has taken me down paths I never dreamed I would tread. He has used every moment, every experience, to deepen my faith, stretch my trust, and shape me into the person—and the writer—that I’ve become. I’m awestruck by the lengths to which God will go to prove His love.

Being a writer usually means working alone, at home…just me and the cat. But God has blessed me with the best critique group on the planet, so all I have to do is shoot an email across the country to another writer friend for advice or prayer or brain-storming a story or sharing a giggle. When He blended our group together, He chose writers from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, south Texas and Kansas. Add to the mix the world’s best agent [Tamela Hancock Murray] and this writing journey is an adventure. Through the advice, instruction, and encouragement of these incredible ladies, God has ordained some amazing things, not the least of which was my first publishing contract in 2009.

One of the most important things I’ve learned as a writer is to use the events and ordeals, the trials and blessings, the laughter and the tears to season my stories and create characters to which readers can relate. If I can express what God has taught me through a personal experience by giving those same emotions and conflicts to my characters, then readers can get a glimpse of how God has worked and moved in my life, and can in theirs as well.

Jesus often used parables to communicate precious truths to His followers. If Jesus used the vehicle of storytelling to touch the lives of those around Him and point them to things of eternal value, then we as writers of Christian fiction can do no less.

Come join me on the journey.

~ Connie

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